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⚡Product Spotlight: MountainFLOW eco-wax

If you’ve graduated the greens and know anything about skis and snowboards, you’re probably aware that waxing your board/skis is essential to your performance on mountain. If this is news to you, take a moment and check out this video.

Ok, now let’s get to it. This dude Peter Arlein, a mountain enthusiast, entrepreneur and Shark Tank star, lost his patience with petroleum-based board wax back in 2016. The waxes he’d pick up from the local ski shop added weight to his skis and did little to prevent snow buildup on his boards.

That’s why he formed mountainFLOW eco-wax with a straightforward mission: provide a simple and eco-friendly way to improve the skiing experience. Reducing snow buildup kept skis light and helped skiers to efficiently venture into the mountains without carrying pounds of unnecessary weight. It took him over 2 years of R&D and testing over 200 formulations, and they ultimately developed a line of plant-based wax that worked just as well as conventional, petroleum-based wax.

He recently pitched his ecowax product on Shark Tank  “show[ing] the Sharks how they can shred the slopes sustainably with his eco-friendly product”. 

We got our hands on it and can assure you it is indeed legit! It’s easy to put on and will have you gliding down the slopes like a greased up pig.  The best part is that they offer a “Stoke Guarantee” – If you’re not totally stoked on their wax products you can return em’, no questions asked.

Buy It Now

mountainFLOW eco-wax

mountainFLOW eco-wax

  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable

  • 0% Petroleum

  • Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax – we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

  • SIZE: 4.6 OZ

  • 👆 PRO TIP: Use a sharp scraper. Beer helps too!


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