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Product Spotlight ⚡ Boost Oxygen

Altitude sickness blows!

Even the toughest mountain aficionado can get brought down by AMS, or Acute Mountain Syndrome, if your vertical limits are pushed too quickly. According to the experts, AMS affects ~20% of people who charge up to to 2,500 meters (8,000 ft), and 40% of people going to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft) too quickly.

AMS strikes when your body doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the change in altitude, and can bring with a wicked headache, dehydration, confusion, and even sleep apnea 😫.  Trust me, you want to avoid it at all costs – it’ll ruin your time on the slopes, your epic hike, and send you home from the après early if you’re not careful.

🤓 Ok, so tell me dear expert – what do I do about it?

Obligatory disclaimer:  Don’t take this as medical advice, and certainly seek out professional consultation if you are prone to any of the symptoms listed above. 

Still with us? Good!

The simplest way to deal with AMS is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Once you’ve saturated yourself into oblivion, toss back some ibuprofen to ease that thumping headache. Finally, it’s time to huff the good stuff. No, not the devils cabbage, the Acapulco gold, or the ganja grass! That might actually make it worse. 

It’s time to huff some good old fashioned O2 –  Oxygen baby! That’s right, grab bottled up oxygen bar and huff this stuff down when that AMS strikes and you’ll be feeling like Sean White in no time!

Don’t believe us? Check out this video of the founder of Boost Oxygen testing the product using a pulse oximeter.

Wild, right?

This stuff should be an essential part of any packing list for an upcoming ski or climbing trip. Hell, grab a few of them for any trip to Denver (or any city above 2,500 ft). 

Boost Oxygen is the number one grab and go oxygen tank on the market today – bar none.  Grab a 4 pack on Amazon and be that reliable dude who comes prepared to his next epic trip!

Buy Now

Boost Oxygen

✅ Good  ole fashion h20: pure, natural Oxygen – free from stimulants and additives like caffeine and sugars

✅ Lightweight and portable

✅ No prescription needed

✅ Increase your focus and mental sharpness, kick AMS to the curb

❌ Can be hard to find in local retailers. Plan ahead and order online.


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