Product Spotlight ⚡ Slope Pro 180X

Charging hard is a lifestyle. It manifests when you catch the first lift and ride until the alpenglow shines, wipe the mud off after a 30 mile trail run, or knock out two fourteeners in a day.  Charging hard is hard work, and thankfully there’s a ton of gear to help you achieve your maximum potential – hell that’s why we created this site!

Over-pack, and you end up lugging around extra weight and look like a barking mule. Under-pack, and you find yourself returning to base or the trailhead to re-up on essential supplies – draining you of precious adventure time. 

🤨 Ok, I’m with you, but help me find the perfect pack. 

We put together a guide on some of the best ski packs to look at in 2021, but honestly, nothing comes close to the Slope Pro 180X (a.k.a. the “Slope Pack”)


Is this the perfect Ski Pack?

The guys at Slope understand how important it is to have quick access to essential gear when you need it, and that’s why founder Ryan Bales created the Slope Pro 180X.

The Slope Pro 180X features a slim design, secure fit, and is optimized for maximum comfort. It’s designed to your gear close, dry and organized—even in cold, wet weather. Best of all, it looks bad ass! 

Ryan and his fellow Slope trailblazers hail from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Their commitment is to develop the very best outdoor products in order to inspire a love and appreciation for the outdoors.

🏂Be a trailblazer yourself and scoop up one of these all American shred packs before everyone on the mountain (and their mother) is rocking one!

Slope Pro 180X

✅ Lightweight & weatherproof

✅ Ample storage, sleek design

✅ Padded for comfort

✅ Airmesh for breathability

✅ Secure, flexible fit

✅ Engineered to preserve mobility

❌ Front Pack might take some getting used to if you're used to hauling gear on your back


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