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Best Ski Gloves For Men In the 2021 Season And Beyond

Cold weather means snow and the opportunity to go skiing for ardent ski bums. Prepare for your sporting recreational pursuits with the best men’s ski gloves to protect your hands.

Whether you’re on the slopes or want a more challenging experience, you will need the best cross-country ski gloves to get you through the winter.

Our Buying Guide aims to help you do just that! But when there are so many possibilities, it can be tough to decide which best winter ski gloves to purchase. We’ve taken the pain out of the purchasing decision so that you can make an excellent choice.

Moreover, we take you through some relevant FAQs to make your job easier. Explore our guide before you buy your next winter ski gloves.

Shop Now Hestra Fall Line 3-Finger Mittens Review

Hestra Fall Line 3-Finger Mittens

✅ Cowhide aniline
✅ Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure
✅ Comes with Carabiner

❌ No wrist straps

$159.95 Shop Now Shop Now Flylow Ridge Gloves Review

Flylow Ridge Gloves

✅ Triple Baked Pigskin Leather
✅ Nylon Cuff
✅ Waterproofing Sno-Seal

❌ Only natural color

$50.00 Shop Now Shop Now Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens Review

Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens

✅ Leather
✅ High-loft fleece
✅ 2-layer waterproof laminate

❌ No wrist straps

$109.95 Shop Now

Rating and ranking

On what basis did we rate and rank these ski gloves? Simple!

We rated these gloves on warmth, dexterity, and overall performance.

Best Ski Gloves For Men – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2021

Best Overall: Hestra Fall Line 3-Finger Mittens

Hestra Fall Line 3-Finger Mittens Review


Prepare to ski down the slopes with the best men’s ski gloves. Hestra makes these beautifully cozy fall line 3-finger mittens to keep your hands snug weather on the slopes or taking a stroll in cold weather.

Final thoughts

These 3-finger mittens allow for a firm grasp on your ski poles or to go about your daily business without getting your hands cold. Customers frequently report the benefits of wearing these best winter ski gloves, so we’re confident you will enjoy them too.


  • Three-finger mittens leave your thumbs and forefingers free to take hold of anything with a firm grasp while keeping your remaining fingers free and cozy.
  • Available in several sizes from 8 to 11.
  • Match your ski outfit with mitten colors in black, cork, or royal blue.
  • Order your mittens now and get free shipping to add to this deal’s value.
  • Combine the warmth of mittens with gloves in these cowhide best ski gloves for cold hands.
  • Revel in the softness of the polyester liner that envelops your hand like a soft comforter.
  • They are insulated with foam for further heat generation.
  • The best leather ski gloves’ outer seams help ensure a firm grip on your poles.
  • Neoprene cuffs close with Velcro for a firm hand fit.
  • It comes complete with a carabiner for the times you need this tool the most. Just add your own wrist straps to boost this fantastic product’s convenience. Wrist straps help prevent loss of your mittens or finding a place to store them temporarily when out on the slopes or walking.
  • Only quality products come with a limited lifetime guarantee, which you also get when you purchase these best-rated men’s ski gloves.


  • Unfortunately, these high-quality mittens don’t appear to come with wrist straps, which is a slip-up by the company as customers look for this convenience in the best men’s ski gloves.
  • The price of these mittens is steep, but quality comes at a cost.

Runner-Up: Flylow Ridge Gloves

Flylow Ridge Gloves Review


For cost-effective winter warmth, Flylow Ridge Gloves are spot on target. When you need warm hands but don’t want to spend tons of money, these are the best budget ski gloves that you can find.

Final thoughts

These gloves are durable and make an excellent alternative to mittens when you don’t need to use your hands too much. Order soon for same-day shipping (free, with conditions) to get the best cheap ski gloves to keep your hands warm this season.


  • Flylow Ridge gloves are available in one color—natural and come in small, medium, and XXL sizes.
  • Flylow designs these gloves for work and sport.
  • The quality, extra-strength pigskin leather complement the classic style of the gloves.
  • This product is baked three times with Sno-Seal to ensure the gloves are waterproof in various weather conditions.
  • These best ski gloves are supported with synthetic down insulation, containing 180g of this material on the top of the glove and 100g on the glove’s palm side. Flylow uses its trademarked Micropuff SpaceLoft insulation to keep your hands warm through dense packing, even if your gloves get wet.
  • The gloves lining is made from comfortable, warming polyester.
  • The glove cuffs are also manufactured from sturdy nylon fabric, and the gloves sport an under cuff, cuff style.
  • As with all quality products, Flylow’s Ridge Gloves are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Purchase these best budget ski gloves at a low price and get a better quality glove than you expect.


  • Some customers suggest purchasing warmer gloves if you intend to go skiing as these gloves are warm, but not warm enough.
  • Only available in the natural color, which is a little disappointing.

Alternative: Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens

Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens Review


Black Diamond Mercury makes the best warm ski gloves for men and women. REI members can also take advantage of this mitten purchase by getting a generous discount. Also, free shipping applies with conditions to add to this purchase’s value.

Final thoughts

A clever design allows wearers to use these gloves in two different ways. Either wear the mittens as is or remove the split-finger liners for a different feel. This product delivers excellent value for money while getting the job done.


  • These mittens are available in stylish black and sizes ranging from XS, S, L, and XL.
  • Black Diamond Mercury mittens include a completely waterproof outer lining and have split-finger liners that you can remove at your convenience.
  • The split-finger liners are also waterproof, totally insulated, and have a cozy fleece lining for extra warmth.
  • You can use the waterproof, fleece-lined liners alone or with the complete mitten.
  • The company’s PrimaLoft insulation ensures that the liners keep your hands insulated even if you get them wet. The advanced fabric of these liners dries quickly after being exposed to moisture.
  • The mittens’ outer shell is made from a lightweight material for ease of movement. This exterior part of the mitten is resistant to abrasive conditions and stretches in four different directions.
  • Another welcome feature of these best cross-country ski gloves is that the palm is reinforced with Kevlar goat leather, ideal for withstanding the strains of rope work and rappelling.
  • The size of the gauntlets is specifically designed to improve moisture resistance.


  • The mitten size can be uncomfortable for some plankers (skiers).
  • One customer report states that the inner liner insulation compacted after extensive use of the gloves, causing the fleece to compress and thin around the fingers where he needed warmth the most.
  • Another customer claims that these gloves’ warming function does not align with advertising.
  • Some customers find it disappointing that these mittens do not have wrist straps.

Alternative: Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves Review


Hestra combines style with function in their Army Leather Heli best warm ski gloves. If you appreciate form and function, these ski gloves may suit your lifestyle as you can wear them for skiing, other winter sports, and general outdoor wear. Either way, this product offers customers a selection of sizes and colors to match all preferences.

Final thoughts

The pros and cons speak for themselves. Warm, functional, and practical at a good price, means this is a solid purchase.


  • Choose your best cross country ski gloves in sizes from 8 to 12, in black, grey, navy, or red.
  • Take advantage of free shipping in the U.S. but read the terms and conditions to qualify for this benefit.
  • These best-selling ski gloves consist of a durable, waterproof Triton polyamide upper with soft goat leather-covered palms and thumbs.
  • The warmth of these gloves is exceptional, which is why they sell so well.
  • You should appreciate that the shell fabric is breathable despite being waterproof and windproof.
  • The inner lining is made from a synthetic Fiberfill material to ensure that your hands remain warm in extreme weather conditions.
  • Another benefit is that you can remove the lining manufactured from a high-quality Bemberg polyester.
  • Made explicitly for military conditions, these gloves are hard-wearing and have a handy snow lock, Velcro closing detail.
  • Another helpful detail is that the gloves have a carabiner, so you can attach a wrist strap to prevent loss.
  • Further advantages of these best men’s ski gloves are that they have an eagle grip and handcuffs to protect you against cold weather.
  • Care for your new gloves as per the seller’s instructions to safeguard the valuable limited lifetime warranty.


  • These Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves come at a stiff price but are worth the investment.
  • One customer statement indicates that additional Velcro to hold the insert in place would have been better.
  • Another customer claims that these gloves are not as warm as they anticipated.
  • Glove care may be complex or time-consuming for some people.

Alternative: Burton GORE-TEX Gloves

Alternative 3: Burton GORE-TEX Gloves Review


Put on your Burton GORE-TEX best men’s ski gloves for a new hand-warming experience this year. You cannot go far wrong by purchasing this product to protect your hands, even in the iciest weather conditions.

Final thoughts

These gloves are an alternative to leather, which provides you with a snug, cozy day out skiing with friends or doing chores in the outdoors. Burton also designs winter gloves with an eye for functionality and aesthetics.


  • These best budget ski gloves are cost-effective and available in sizes small to XXL.
  • Ramp up your outdoor fashion in Barren Camo, Bog Heather, or True Black glove colors. Made from breathable, GORE-TEX that dries rapidly, is waterproof, and breathable.
  • Enjoy the 2-layer shell fabric made from DRYRIDE for additional hand protection in wet, cold weather environments.
  • Your hands stay warm with advanced Thermacore insulation technology that is lightweight enough to prevent mobility problems.
  • The outer shell of these best cheap ski gloves removes easily to give you convenient access to smaller items such as your phone. Another benefit is that the glove design includes fingertips made from a stretch fabric that promotes easy touchscreen functionality.
  • You can also remove the fleece liner for greater heat control. The liner also has 4-way stretch properties for versatility and is quick-drying to maintain localized heating and drying of hands.
  • The whole glove membrane focuses on warmth, breathability, waterproofing, and windproofing for an overall, impressive wear experience.
  • Glove liners are made from a brushed microfiber to ensure your hands stay dry even when your gloves get wet.
  • The Sticky Icky palm grip is non-slip for firm handling of ski poles or other objects.
  • Other glove features include an ergonomically designed pre-curve hand fit to support more excellent dexterity, a vented pocket, and a removable wrist leash.
  • Get your best ski gloves for cold hands and a year-long warranty on this quality product.


  • Customers claim that these gloves are not as warm as advertised.
  • One customer is unhappy about the fabric disintegrating on the gloves’ fingertips and palms after using them for only one season.
  • Some customers say that the glove sizes are small and suggest ordering one size larger than usual.

Ski Gloves FAQs

benefits of ski gloves

Outdoor sports fanatics love to ski down the slopes or take on the challenge of cross-country skiing.

Kit yourself out with the best ski gloves for men before you hit the slopes. While you’re exploring your options, consider which gloves ski fanatics typically wear.

Find out if your gloves should be tight or loose, and learn why your fingers and hands become cold, even when wearing gloves. Lastly, discover what materials manufacturers use to make ski gloves and why these fabrics are meant to protect your hands against harsh elements.

What gloves do plankers wear?

Plankers look for several functional characteristics before selecting their gloves. The best men’s ski gloves must be warm, fit well, allow hands to breathe, enable plankers to grasp objects with confidence and be durable.

Ski gloves should have a robust outer shell, an efficient breathable membrane to prevent sweat from cooling their hands, and cozy insulation to promote hand warmth. All ski gloves must also use rapid drying material to avoid sweat from making their hands cold.

Fleece gloves are popular with plankers, but insulation is only one part of the best winter ski gloves. As you will see in the last FAQ, gloves consist of several layers. What materials are used in the manufacture of gloves will improve their performance.

Plankers look for gloves that perform well and support their performance on the slopes. Performance-supporting ski gloves should also include palm grips and cuff styles, carabiners, and wrist straps at a minimum.

Should ski gloves be tight or loose?

tight or loose ski gloves

Some sellers of the best men’s ski gloves provide instructions for determining your hand size before ordering your gloves or mittens.

Ordering the correct glove size is vital for anyone who spends a lot of time in the snow or skiing on mountain slopes.

Protecting your hands against frostbite is just one critical element of wearing the best ski gloves.

Another essential issue in getting the right size gloves is maintaining dexterity when wearing the gloves. If your gloves are too loose, you cannot have a firm grasp on ski poles or anything else. Having a firm grip on objects when wearing the correct glove size could save your life. Tight gloves will impede movement and cause unnecessary risk.

Other than risk, ill-fitting gloves are uncomfortable. So, how can you know if you have the right glove size to fit your hands?

  • When gloves or mittens fit well, you should still have maximum dexterity.
  • Proper glove fit should ensure your hands remain warm and comfortable.
  • You will know that your gloves are the proper size when they fit your hands snugly, and you have sufficient mobility to grasp a small piece of fabric with your outstretched fingertips.
  • The glove cuff must cover your wrist correctly, which means your palm must fit in the glove without it slipping off your hands.
  • You should be able to ball your first completely without the mitten limiting this movement.
  • Check the glove supplier’s size chart before placing an order. Manufacturer instructions typically suggest measuring the broadest part of the hand to arrive at the correct glove size.
  • Check that the manufacturer accepts replacements or refunds before ordering your gloves so that you can request a new size if their gloves don’t fit your hand well.

Why do my fingers get cold in gloves?

The best warm ski gloves use advanced technology to intensify their warming properties.

The glove fabric harnesses your natural body heat and amplifies it to keep your hands warm. But this fabric must fit snugly against your hands to be effective. You lose the gloves’ heating advantage if they don’t fit properly.

A properly fitting glove should only have a little breathing space at the end of your fingertips. When gloves are too big, the gap at the end of your fingertips drives a loss of body heat because there is too much air to heat to maintain hand warmth.

Your body heat can only adapt to extreme cold to the extent that the gloves fit snugly before this body heat dissipates and leaves you with freezing fingertips. If your hands and particularly your fingertips, get cold, check how well your gloves fit your hands.

If your current gloves don’t provide your hands and fingertips with sufficient warmth, you have two choices. Either search for a new pair of gloves that offer a snug fit without constricting movement, or purchase new liners.

New glove liners will reduce excess space at the end of your glove fingertips, allowing the glove fabric to utilize your body’s heat, to warm the material and your fingers. If your hands still get cold, you may have a problem with circulation and benefit from purchasing heated gloves. Choose your best winter ski gloves to protect your hands this winter.

What are ski gloves made of?

material for ski gloves

The best winter ski gloves are manufactured from technologically progressive fabrics to harness body heat to support the gloves’ function.

Ski gloves have four primary components, including the outer shell of the glove, membrane, inner insulation material, glove lining, palm fabric, and cuff material.

Outer glove shell

Manufacturers use various materials to create the glove’s outer shell. These materials comprise synthetic nylon fabrics that promote breathability, waterproofing, and wind resistance. Synthetic fabrics are often quick drying to preserve hand warmth in wet, cold conditions.

Teflon or Polyurethane are commonly used as the first protection line when making the best ski gloves for cold hands. GORE-TEX is an extra protective layer between the outer shell and the inner lining.

Manufacturers also use a variety of leathers to create winter ski gloves. Besides being a robust and protective material, this leather receives treatments to make them waterproof and wind-resistant.


The glove membrane lies between the outer shell and the insulation. This membrane is vital to protect hands against sweat which cools the hands and makes them cold. Glove membranes must be made from fabric that promotes breathability to prevent sweat from cooling your hands.

In other words, the membrane should prevent liquid sweat from coming into contact with your hands once it has evaporated through the membrane pores, which are too minute to detect with the eye. Membrane fabrics used in the manufacture of gloves include GORE-TEX, Hipora, Polyurethane, and WINDSTOPPER.


Insulation materials help maintain hand warmth while promoting breathability. Some common insulating materials comprise down, Primaloft, and Thinsulate.

Glove linings

Glove linings are typically made from high-quality materials such as fleece, wool, or synthetic fibers. You can purchase most gloves with removable linings for versatility and convenience.

Glove palms and cuffs

The best-rated men’s ski gloves add palm features with extra gripping power. Palm grips are often made from leather, vinyl, or other materials to improve hand grip.

Glove cuff styles are either under or over the cuff, meaning that they are either short or long to cover more of the hand from the wrist upwards. More extended cuffs provide extra protection against the cold, but many plankers prefer short glove cuffs.


Finding the best ski gloves for men is easy when you have a guideline. This guideline covered five of the top best ski gloves. It is up to customers to determine which of these five products meets their needs.

Skiing requires you to purchase the best protective clothing possible, and our FAQs section covers a selection of questions about which consumers want to know more.

Before you venture out onto the slopes, get the best-rated men’s ski gloves to stay warm. When you prepare well for your sport or the cold outdoors, you take responsibility for your health by making intelligent buying decisions.

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