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The 4 Raddest Ski Goggles Money Can Buy in 2021

If you spend more than a few minutes outdoors in cold windy weather or sub zero temps – ripping and grinding down the slopes, hiking through a blizzard, or partaking in the world’s largest snowball fight (⛄Saskatoon!)- it’s critical to get your hands on a high-quality pair of ski goggles or snow goggles.  Check out our top three, and keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about this essential winter eyewear! Buy Now

Giro Method

✅ Blue-light manipulation to enhance contrast

✅ Anti-fog coating

✅ Comfortable and have a rad look to them

❌ We can find nothing wrong with these ski goggles

$140 Buy Now Buy Now

SHRED Smartefy

✅ NoDistortion spherical lens for wide vision without distortion

✅ Easy to switch lens’ on a lift with No BS tech

✅ SHRED anti-fog coating

❌ Some reported fogging issues

$159.95 Buy Now Buy Now

Smith Skyline ChromaPop

✅ ChromaPop™ filters out wavelengths that cause confusion

✅ Top of the line color and clarity

✅ Form fitting to all helmets, but particularly Smith Helmets

❌ On the pricier side compared to others on this list

$170 Buy Now Intro to Ski Goggles Ski or Snow Goggles not only keeps your eyes and forehead protected from wind and cold, but it can also help to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays that can damage your vision over time.  🙋‍♂️But what, exactly, is a ski goggle and where can I find myself the raddest pair available online? When looking for a new pair of Ski Goggles, you need to take into consideration the feature functionality, the style and sex appeal, and ultimately the rad factor.  Let’s first talk fit, form and function. A snow goggle should fit snugly on your face and should offer straps that are flexible enough to stretch around a helmet, or snug around your forehead over après. Make sure to test the snow goggles with your helmet or a balaclava for snug alignment.  Once you get a good snug fitting goggle, you need to check out the form. All good goggles are going to offer a convex shape across the brow, and the best include a vertical convex tilt from brow to nose. This aerodynamic structure will allow the wind to glide right past your face as you barrel downhill.  Next it’s all about function. The snow goggles needs to be breathable, have fog beating technology, and block those unwanted UV rays. Most good goggles offer lenses with light and dark VLT ratings, and allow for easy interchangeability so you can react as the conditions shift.  Now that we’ve covered fit, form and function, let’s talk price. Entry level goggles can be picked up on Amazon for under $30, but unless you plan to wear them once and discard ’em, don’t waste your money. This is one of the most fundamental gear items for your success on the mountain, and is worth investing in. Be prepared to drop $150 – $200 bones for a top of the line gear, and make it last a few years by giving them a little TLC. Once you’ve checked the aforementioned obligatory boxes, it’s time to look for a pair of ski goggles with sex appeal and sizzle. Rad factor is important if you want to turn heads on the slops, so make sure you get a groovy lens/shell ski goggle combo that fits your overall look & vibe. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the four leading picks that cover all these bases and more. 

The 4 Raddest Ski Goggles (a.k.a. Snow Goggles) You Can Buy in 2021

  1. SHRED Smartefy Goggles
  2. Electric Kleveland Goggles
  3. Smith Skyline ChromaPop Snow Goggles
  4. Giro Method Snow Goggles

Best Overall: SHRED Smartefy Goggles 

SHRED Smartefy Goggles does to the goggle what smartphones did to cell phones. This fully-featured goggle has a NoDistortion spherical lens that gives you a wide vision without distorting over time, and No BS technology lets you switch lenses on the chairlift with ease. SHRED treats the lens with an anti-fog coating to ensure crystal clear vision no matter the conditions. The Smartefy also features Whipped Cream multilayer face foam for comfort and universal helmet compatibility for convenience. SHRED Smartefy Goggles beat back the fog, even with a neck gaiter or balaclava over your nose, have a wide field of vision, and are super comfortable. Most importantly, they come in 5 rad color varieties and will score you big style points while waiting on your next lift. Buy Now

BEST OVER GLASSES: Electric Kleveland Goggles

Keep your vision clear throughout the day when running laps all over the mountain with the Electric Kleveland Goggles. Created in collaboration with X games medalist Marcus Kleveland, the cylindrical lens opens up peripheral vision for a wider field of view when scoping out a line to drop into. The triple-layer foam and silicone-backed strap add a comfortable and secure fit that lasts throughout the day, and anti-fog coating on the lens fends off fog for a clear field of vision. The best part about the Electric Kleveland Goggles is the large cylindrical lens which offer ample space and comfort for riders who rock glasses or just like a little extra air around the eyes. They come in 5 rad colors, but we’re huge fans of the Camo/Brose/Lime Green featured above. Buy Now

Sleek & Simple: Smith Skyline ChromaPop Snow Goggles

Smith Skyline ChromaPop Snow Goggles are made with Smith’s  ChromaPop™ lens, that  filter out specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion, delivering natural color and excellent definition, detail and clarity. You’ll feel like you’re in an imax with the color clarity and definition offered by the Skyline ChromaPop. The top of the lens design aligns almost perfectly to the your ski helmet (especially Smith Helmets), eliminating the dreaded “gaper gap“. These goggles will keep you skiing all day in any condition with quick and easy lens changing, and are engineered ventilation for fog reduction in any conditions. Buy Now

Rad Factor: Giro Method Snow Goggles

The Giro Method Snow Goggles are one of our favorites because they’re dripping with sex appeal and rad vibes. They come with VIVID Lens Technology, which improves your vision on snow by manipulating blue light to enhance contrast and definition. This also blocks harmful UV light and filters haze Giro anti-fog coating helps to keep your vision clear for an on-point riding experience Injection-molded cylindrical lens shape helps refine optics and minimize the distortion that can occur in thermoformed lenses. Grab your own Giro Method Snow Goggles and pick up snow bunnies all day long.  Buy Now

BONUS PLUG:  Gogglesoc

Dont be that dude who pays $150 for premium goggles and let’s them get torn up in transit or destroyed in the off season. There’s nothing worse that gear decay, especially when it’s preventable. Gogglesoc has a ton of great designs (our fav is the Bad Kitty Soc). It’s a stretchy rPET microfiber cover is 88% sourced from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and protects your goggles with easy-on, easy-off functionality. Best of all, it looks rad as hell on your gear shelf while you’re in between powder days.  Buy Now

Frequently Asked Ski Goggle Questions


How to keep ski goggles from fogging?

Getting the right goggles is key to prevent fogging, as it’s usually the cheap ones that steam up when the weather turns for the worse. Most ski goggles these days, and certainly the ones listed above, are made with advanced ventilation technology to prevent fogging.  If you find yourself fogging regularly, it’s best to bring a goggle cover or microfiber wipe with you when you pack for a day on the slopes. If after several attempts at wiping, you’re still clouded up, hawk the biggest saliva loogie you can muster up and spit directly on your snow shades. The enzymes do a great job at preventing excess fog.  Or pony up a little coin and for just $14 this Optix 55 Anti Fog Treatment will prevent you from looking like a savage on the slopes. 

What is vlt in ski goggles?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, or the amount of light a goggle lens allows to pass through. VLT is the percentage of light allowed through the lens ranked by percentage, from 0% to 100%. Lenses with a higher VLT percentage are designed to perform much better in low light, low visibility situations, such as when it is snowing, foggy, or the light is flat. The best colors for low light lenses are yellow, rose, and blue. Look for Ski Goggles and Snow Goggles with a VLT range between 60-90% for low light. Lenses with a lower VLT percentage are designed to perform much better in bright conditions, like a sunny day. The best colors for high light lenses are black, grey, and gold. Look for Ski Goggles and Snow Goggles with a VLT range between 5-20% for bright light conditions. Most Googles on the market today will offer both a high and low light lens combination in their product. 

How to clean ski goggles?

Step 1: Remove ski goggles from your face Step 2: Use a microfiber wipe to clear off any debris Step 3: Drip in some anti fog solution (i.e. Optix 55 Anti Fog Treatment) Step 4: Rub it around with a soft cloth Step 5: Leave the ski goggles to dry Step 6: Cover the goggles with a microfiber case (like the one they came in), or grab a rad looking Gogglesoc for storage until your next run. 

How are Snow Goggles Supposed to Fit?

Snow goggles and ski goggles are both meant to fit snug on the face. If you’re feeling the pressure build up in your eyes, you’ve got them too tight, and if you find yourself gapping too easily (and it’s not your helmet tilting back), then you’re probably too loose.  Goggles are meant to be worn over the helmet, and many come with nifty little straps to keep them in place. Comfort is the name of the game here, so if you’re not feeling the vibe and getting strange looks in the lift line, it’s probably time to adjust for better fit. 

Conclusion on Rad Ski Goggles

There’s no doubt that a pair of ski goggles or snow goggles is a vital item to wear if you’re going to be cruising the corduroys or ripping the steeps. It can make or break your day on the slopes, and help keep your vision sharp as a tack. Sex appeal and style points are major considerations, and we’ve got you covered with these 4 rad selections.  The ski goggles we highlighted above are the best of the best, and while there’s a wide variety to choose from when upping your slope gear, you’ll save yourself precious time by selecting the top dogs in this category. While you wont actually be shooting lasers from your eyes with our top picks above (sorry 😕), you’ll definitely feel like you’re capable of it, and look like you should be.  See you out there!

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