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Find Out All About The Best Ski Jacket For Men

What makes the best ski jacket for men?

Our exploration took us on an in-depth journey to find out. Join us as we rate and rank the best men’s ski jackets to the best value ski jacket in between those that provide excellent waterproofing and more.

Bear with us as our Buying Guide investigates a bunch of options to arrive at the best ski jacket for the money before we head towards covering FAQs.

In the end, we hope you enjoy this evaluation as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Shop Now thirtytwo TM Jacket Review

thirtytwo TM Jacket

✅ Snap Lock
✅ Repel WRT 2-layer Polyester
✅ Adjustable Wrist Cinch

❌ Little long for Snowsports

$199.95 Shop Now Shop Now Arc'teryx Macai Down Jacket Review

Arc'teryx Macai Down Jacket

✅ GORE-TEX fabric
✅ Pit Zips Ventilation
✅ Synthetic Blend Insulation

❌ Tight neck and collar

$698.83 Shop Now Shop Now Columbia Last Tracks Insulated Jacket - Men's Review

Columbia Last Tracks Insulated Jacket

✅ Omni-Tech™ fabric
✅ Adjustable cuffs
✅ Interior security pocket

❌ Low ventilation

$86.83 Shop Now

Rating and ranking

We identify five of the best ski jacket brands to face the iciest conditions possible.

Our winner, runner-up, and three alternatives are ranked according to quality, warmth, performance, and price. Enjoy bombing down this slope with us, brah!

Best Ski Jacket For Men – Reviews & Buying Guide for 2021

Best Overall: thirtytwo TM Jacket

thirtytwo TM Jacket Review


Fleece and thermal fabrics guarantee a warming experience, which the thirtytwo TM gives you. A 3D design with body panels combined with a lining that takes your body heat and amplifies it augments the overall design of this best ski jacket.

Add waterproofing and a loose fit for high performance that allows your body to breathe, and you have a snow jacket for the harshest conditions.

Final thoughts

Based on performance, warmth, and just getting the job done, the thirtytwo TM jacket is the winner. When customers purchase a second product, you know you’re onto something, and customers keep coming back for more of this one.

Include a range of color blocking styles, and you have fashion and functionality to keep you carving down the slopes or simply enjoying a bit of relaxation outdoors. Overall, this is the best value ski jacket because it gives you everything you need at a reasonable price.


  • The external fabric is constructed from durable two layers of polyester weave that repels water, wind, and the cold.
  • The inner membrane promotes breathability and is waterproof.
  • A reactive mesh lining contracts and expands according to your body heat, generating more heat and eliminating perspiration for a high-performance experience.
  • Experience ultimate warmth with 3D warming panels constructed from a cozy premium-quality fleece.
  • The standard-fit reflects a body style and sleeves that support mobility and maintain fashion even in the worst conditions.
  • Enjoy the practicality of snug brushed Tricot in the hand pockets together with a media pocket with a phone leash to prevent loss of your phone between chattering down the slopes.
  • Make use of additional pockets with zip locking, a rapid stash sleeve pocket, and a mesh goggle pocket for more convenience.
  • Quickly eliminate heat with vent pockets without breaking pace.
  • Use the quick snap-lock jacket and pant interface to keep the snow out and rear end warm and dry.
  • The hood is adjustable with a 2-way toggle that you can wear with or without a brain bucket, which also features a chin guard.
  • Note the handy zip-out stretch waist and wrist gaiters with adjustable wrist cinch, and you have an overall jacket design that is well thought out.
  • Round off this jacket with a fixed hood and removable powder skirt, and you needn’t look further for a winner.


  • The only con we can come up with is that this best men’s ski jacket is surprisingly high performance for the price you pay. It almost makes you wonder if they got the price right because this is an excellent best-value ski jacket.

Runner-Up: Arc’teryx Macai Down Jacket – Men’s

Arc'teryx Macai Down Jacket Review


We’ve chosen this Arc’teryc Macai Down best ski jacket for its warming and comfort capabilities. This product is also the best waterproof ski jacket on the market and is ideal for anyone who wants to ski the backcountry and has the painful experience of eating wood.

Final thoughts

This down jacket is perfect for one and two-plankers who must keep warm to enjoy their sport. Even though this best ski jacket for men comes at a steep price, you can wait to take advantage of generous mark-downs to get you on the slopes in comfort.


  • This product ticks all the boxes for a cozy, protective ride down the slopes.
  • The Arc’teryc Macai contains natural and synthetic fibers for superior warmth and waterproofing that is also breathable.
  • At just over 2 lbs., this jacket is probably one of the best purchases you will make to create an exceptional skiing experience, especially when the temperatures are sub-zero.
  • An adjustable, removable hood, mesh vents, and excellent pocket placement add to the allure of this best men’s ski jacket.
  • Composite panel insulation ensures warmth; it is suitable for wear with brain buckets and comes with a heat-dumping function, so you never need to break your stride unless you encounter a tree well.
  • Get the thermal value of a jacket contour that hugs your body while eliminating unpleasant cold airspace.
  • Of course, the jacket has its powder skirt to protect you from the worst conditions, but we aren’t sure that it covers tree wells.
  • This best men’s ski jacket is also windproof, which is what you need when bombing or enjoying some well-earned Après-ski time.
  • You will find these jackets in a range of stylish colors to match their comfortable design.
  • A high-performance jacket that is suitable for the toughest terrains and the most challenging weather conditions.
  • First-time buyers tend to purchase replacement jackets.


  • Costly–but you can’t place a price on the quality that performs exceptionally well.
  • This jacket would be better if the hood had a zipper instead of a snap-close function, as it comes off quite easily.
  • There is no media-specific pocket and phone leash to protect against the possible loss of your phone.

Alternative: Columbia Last Tracks Insulated Jacket

Columbia Last Tracks Insulated Jacket - Men's Review


If you want to combine quality with excellent value for money, then this is the best cheap ski jacket you can find. You get to stay snug and cozy with this insulated jacket that also protects you from wet weather.

Also, there is plenty of room for items like your goggles, phone, keys, and ski pass.

Final thoughts

If you don’t want to break the bank for your sport or comfort—this is the best ski jacket for the money. If you aren’t a skier but want to enjoy the fun of the Alpenglow from a resort, this one is for you.

This jacket rates high for warmth, comfort, affordability, and overall quality that doesn’t have to impact your recreational time.


  • As the name suggests, this jacket is well insulated, constructed with Omni-Tech fabric that maintains a waterproof but breathable wearing experience, with efficient seam-sealing for extra protection.
  • Synthetic fabrics ensure lightweight, thermal enhancements for temperature regulation at their best.
  • You can remove or adjust the hood as you wish.
  • Avoid the spindrift with the adjustable powder skirt with snapback.
  • Adjust the hem with the drawcord as needed to protect you from the elements.
  • The same applies to the adjustable cuffs–modify the closure for personal comfort.
  • Make use of excellent zipper pocket positioning to protect valuable items.


  • This jacket doesn’t vent perspiration as well as some other makes but is lightweight, and the Omni-Tech technology has exceptional heating capacity.
  • The zippers can give up easily on some jackets.
  • Some customers also suggest this jacket will be better with armpit vent zippers.

Alternative: The North Face Sickline Jacket

The North Face Sickline Jacket Review


The North Face Sickline Jacket is available in a range of cool colors for cold weather when facing the freshies.

Even if you’re not in the habit of shooting sick lines, this best value ski jacket delivers in terms of quality and performance. Even if it isn’t the best cheap ski jacket around, cost doesn’t always feature into the equation in pursuit of your favorite sport.

Final thoughts

Our final thoughts are that this best north face ski jacket is top of the range. You get superior warmth for a superior price.

Customers will also appreciate the added value of the attention to design that creates a premium experience for park rats, even when they don’t impress on the slopes.


  • Optimum insulation characterizes this best ski jacket for men. Park rats get all the support they need when shooting sick lines with the extra benefit of a DryVent membrane. Ensure you stay dry and warm in this windproofed, best waterproof ski jacket.
  • Enjoy a snug fit to keep the cold at bay with this ergonomic jacket design with its comfortable two-way stretch for full mobility.
  • Utility pockets abound in this jacket, which holds items such as goggles with goggle wipe vents.
  • The internal media pocket will ensure your phone stays connected with a handy strap and port.
  • Zippered pockets cover the chest, body, hand, and arm areas, with sleeves that feature underarm vents.
  • The hood is fixed but is compatible with brain buckets.
  • Attach or remove the jacket-to-pant Integration powder skirt with snap-away closure and gripper elastic.


  • The only drawback about this best men’s ski jacket is the cost. But, if the price doesn’t bother you, you’re in for a treat.

Alternative: Flylow Malone Jacket

Flylow Malone Jacket Review


For comfortable, comforting wear, the Flylow Malone Jacket is one of the best ski jackets on the market.

High-tech materials together with lightweight, protective gear are ideal when you need to focus on your performance. Stock up on snacks, stay connected and remain warm and dry in this third alternative best north face ski jacket in our Buying Guide.

Final thoughts

Want to look stylish while wearing a high-performance jacket, then the Flylow Malone Jacket is an excellent alternative to the winner and runner-up. You get to wear one of the best ski jacket brands around and look good doing it.


  • Stay in charge as you traverse the slopes on your lunch tray or all-mountain ski when your jacket works for itself. The Flylow Malone jacket is easy to wear, waterproof, rapid drying, flexibly stretchable, and cozy.
  • When you need your outerwear to perform as well as you do, this jacket goes the extra mile with a 3-layer stretch shell that moves with you.
  • The outer laminate coating delivers three times more protection and needs less maintenance.
  • Cuffs are streamlined. The hood is fixed and helmet-compatible, and the powder skirt is detachable.
  • A jersey backing delivers further warmth, especially if you wipe out.
  • Utility pockets include two for the hands, a chest pocket, a pass pocket on the lower sleeve, and two interior pockets to hold everything you need.


  • We tried to find some cons but came up empty, other than if you prefer natural fibers, this jacket won’t meet expectations. This product is all synthetic, which is precisely why it hits the mark as a high-performing, cost-effective, quality, warm jacket.

Ski jacket FAQs

Here, we tell you more about why you should get yourself a quality ski jacket.

We also cover the proper fit of the best ski jacket and why it is vital to wear a form-fitting jacket rather than one which is loose if you want to stay warm in the snow.

Other FAQs relate to the longevity of the ski jacket you choose and how to select the best men’s ski jacket to protect you from the elements.

Can I wear a normal jacket for skiing?

jacket for skiing

The answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You can wear a regular jacket to ski or snowboard if you are testing to see whether you want to pursue either of these sports.

If you are experimenting at a resort where you can quickly access help in an emergency, it is acceptable to wear an everyday jacket.

You often see people engaging in sports in the snow, but weather conditions may be pleasant on the day, so it seems okay to wear a standard jacket. However, mountainous conditions can change rapidly, leaving you at the mercy of the elements.

However, suppose you plan on experimenting in the backcountry or move far away from the safety of a ski resort and aren’t familiar with outdoor conditions. In that case, it is wise to purchase a ‘special’ ski jacket.

Manufacturers design the best ski jacket for men to prevent hypothermia. Special ski jackets protect you from the cold, frostbite, and wet conditions that can quickly create emergencies if you are unfamiliar with the weather and terrain.

The best ski jackets use materials that use your body heat to keep you warm and generate more heat to protect you. Without this precaution, anything can happen on the mountain slopes and does.

Playing it safe when you’re a novice may not sound like fun, but it could save your life. On the other hand, if you like taking risks, using a regular ski jacket in a relatively safe environment is up to you.

If you cannot afford an expensive jacket, then invest in the best cheap ski jacket that you can find. Preventing an emergency is always better than dealing with adverse conditions after an unforeseen event.

Should a ski jacket be tight or loose?

snowboarding jacket

You might think you know everything about ski jackets, to the extent that you’re willing to wear a regular jacket on the slope. But everyday jackets are typically bulky, and not all are constructed for wear in cold, wet, windy conditions like those you find in icy mountainous regions.

Detailed technology goes into making the best ski jackets for men, with a reason. Science produces the most advanced fabrics to ensure the ski jackets protect you properly. Proper jacket protection translates into materials that capture and store your body heat so you don’t get hypothermia.

The best ski jacket brands also construct their jackets with fleece, wool, or synthetic fibers to ensure the jacket’s outer, middle, and internal layers are protective. All three layers have a specific function in generating and maintaining warmth, resisting wind chill factors, and safeguarding moisture forming on your skin, and cooling you quickly.

One vital element of selecting a ski jacket to promote your warmth and safety also means getting a jacket that fits correctly. A well-fitting jacket will fit snugly enough to give you sufficient dexterity to manage skiing and other movements in the snow. Efficient movement in extreme weather conditions or even warm weather on the slopes is a safety issue.

A snug jacket adds to personal warmth and protection, whereas a tight jacket restricts movement, which can be a problem when you need to make rapid movements. Similarly, a loose-fitting jacket will add bulk and limit movement. A loose-fitting jacket also allows too much cold air to contact your body, creating loss of heat and rapid–a potentially dangerous situation.

Your ski jacket shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. It should fit snugly. Make sure your jacket fits properly before going out onto any mountain slope.

How long should a ski jacket last?

The best ski jacket brands create excellent quality clothing, which should last up to 10 years. These high-quality ski jackets frequently come with a limited lifetime warranty.

When the jacket does have a limited warranty, it typically covers hardware such as zips. It can also cover issues such as padding or seams if these don’t perform according to manufacturer expectations. You can check what the limited lifetime warranty addresses before purchasing to ensure the longevity of your best value ski jacket.

When you purchase the best waterproof ski jacket, follow maintenance instructions. Some waterproof jackets have coatings that can degrade with time, limiting their efficacy. Of course, even if the waterproofing function reduces over time, you can still use the jacket for other purposes, even if its appearance is no longer that appealing.

Another factor that limits the lifespan of the best ski jacket for men is if you bail, eat wood, or fail to navigate a no-fall-zone successfully. You will probably end up with a lot of bruises and cuts, and so will your jacket.

How do I choose a ski jacket?

how to choose ski jacket

Do you intend to ski at a resort or explore the backcountry? Choose a jacket that accommodates diverse situations. The best ski jacket for men is now as diverse as the terrain you intend to cover, so pick your jacket well.

The primary purpose of a ski jacket is to stay warm and dry, but you also want one that supports easy movement and keeps the wind chill factor at bay. Other vital jacket functions include their comfort, breathability, and ventilation.

More ‘nice to have’ and necessary functions vary such as how many zips the jacket has, whether it has a media pocket, how many pockets there are, whether the hood is adjustable, removable, or can be worn with a brain bucket, are essential. Also, having a detachable powder skirt is another consideration.

You can choose many different types of the best ski jackets for specific weather and terrain conditions.

  • Insulated jackets are ideal for resort skiing or backcountry exploration. These jacket types are heavy-duty, meaning that they keep you warm and dry while protecting you from the wind. Insulated best men’s ski jackets are ideal for serious skiers.
  • You can get dual-purpose jackets that include the best value ski jacket 3-in-1s. This jacket style has a protective outer shell and a removable inner layer that adds to its versatility as you can also wear the jacket for other purposes.
  • Shell jackets do not have insulation and are typically lightweight, and take up minimum storage space. Hardshell jackets are perfect for fair and cold weather if you wear enough warm clothing under the jacket.
  • Backcountry skiers sometimes prefer softshell jackets in locations known for dry snow. These skiers don’t concern themselves with getting wet, so dress accordingly for comfort and agility, but the softshell jacket is usually better as a backup plan.

Not all-weather conditions need you to wear a jacket with insulation. Likewise, not all environments call for jackets with insulation, waterproofing, and moisture-wicking.

Choose the best ski jacket to match the weather conditions you anticipate, and always have a backup plan.


We have endeavored to create a list to find the best ski jacket for men and believe we have been successful.

Our Buying Guide covers top brands, for the best ski jackets to affordable ones and the best cheap ski jackets.

We also tried to answer some FAQs that people are curious about. As crazy as some of the questions may sound, people ask them because they want to prepare themselves for the cold outdoors.

Our motto is that you can protect yourself better from harsh weather when you have enough knowledge, and you will enjoy the outdoor experience much more.

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