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Good Boys Wear Googles

I know what you’re thinking, and no, these are not a joke!

Dog Goggles (aka fido focals), better known by the brand name that established them, REX SPECS, are becoming an essential part of the pet owners repertoire of gear. The team at REX SPECS founded the company with one goal in mind: build world class protective gear for active dogs. Whether your dog is sniffing out drug mules at DIA, a road tripping #vanlife accomplice, or chasing you down the backcountry trials, one thing is certain – your dog worships you!

And what kind of pup papa would you be if you didn’t spoil your little guy with some kick ass shades? The solution –  a pair of dog goggles to protect your your furry friend.

Did you know?  The reason your dog is barking at ghosts and running into your kegerator is likely due to an eye ailment – which most dogs will get by 8 years old (that’s human years).

Dog goggles aren’t just a fashion statement. These ailments are entirely avoidable with protection from harmful elements, like UV rays, dust, and whatever poked him as he was sniffing on the walk yesterday…

Convinced? Intrigued maybe? Here’s what to look for when decking your dog out to look like Stevie Wonder 😎

Dog Goggles 101

Dog goggles are legit, and if you get the right kind – after a bit of getting used to, your dog will forget they’re even there. They’re used and endorsed by dog trainers,  government agencies, hunters and pet owners alike.  This is your best friend, so treat him right! The following are must have criteria for success in getting your good boy to adopt dog goggles.

  • Large spherical lens’ provide a full range of view, so they can see that squirrel getting ready to run.
  • Soft foam edges fit comfortably on your dogs face, ensuring sun, snow, dust, and sand stay out of their pearly whites.
  • Low profile fully adjustable strap allows a tailored fit for each pup, and locks into other leach and harnesses as needed.

Find dog goggles that meet these three criteria and you wont have to worry about your investment flapping in the wind as Fido frolics in the frost. 

Luckily, there’s just one that fits the bill: Rex Specs. Check out the product details below, and do your dog a favor and scoop one up 💩.

Get Yours Now

Rex Specs

  • Breathable Mesh so doggos eyes dont get dryed out
  • Durable Frame because let’s be real, dogs can wreck a piece of gear
  • Foam Edge for snout conformation
  • Impact Resistant because again, your dog will get into it
  • Spherical Lens just sounds cool
  • Strap System to keep this thing on your dogs face
  • UV40 for real sun protection
  • Water Friendly so it wont get ruined while he’s slurp’n and slip’n


Buy It Now



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