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10 Best Snowboard Brands on Earth

Choosing a reputable brand is important when buying anything, but when it comes to snowboards, this reputation is vital.

Thankfully, there are some brands out there known for their expertise and craftsmanship, earning themselves the titles of the best snowboard manufacturers of all time.

What are the best snowboard brands?

Some of the better-known snowboard brands in the world include Lib Tech, GNU, Rossignol, and Burton, with decades of experience in the business. These manufacturers all bring something unique to the table for snowboarders, along with quality craftsmanship and innovation in technology.

You can put your faith in these snowboard brands to deliver where it matters, and if you’re looking for your first board or your 50th, they’re the best in the business.

We’ve counted down some of the biggest names in snowboards to see what the leaders of the pack look like.

The World’s Best Snowboard Brands

Snowboards have been around since the 1960s and gained a commercial following in the 80s and 90s.

Since then, some names have established themselves as the big dogs in the world of snowboard supply and manufacturing, and we’ve rounded up the best of the best.

#1: Burton


The first brand that pops to mind when anyone thinks of snowboards is Burton, so it makes sense to have them at the top of the list.

The brand was created back in 1977 and since its inception, they’ve been dedicated to creating everything a snowboarder could need including helmets, boots, and bindings.

Some of the best selling boards from Burton include The Flight Attendant for all-rounder use and Burton Story Women’s for female riders, but there are plenty of favorites out there.

Burton continues to caters to riders of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and skill levels, which only makes them more popular, and they’re constantly at the forefront when it comes to innovation and technology.

#2: Lib Tech

Lib Tech

Lib Tech is a brand committed to being the cutting edge and they put countless hours and resources into discovering new contours, materials, shapes, and flexes, all for us to enjoy.

This USA brand has been around for over 30 years and only gets better with age, constantly delivering something new and exciting.

What sets Lib Tech apart is its approach to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, so you can feel good about the board you ride.

Among some of their top sellers are those that use their patented Magne-Traction edges and Banana Technology, even if they are a little more costly than most.

#3: GNU

GNU snowboard

GNU is another brand with a long history of manufacturing the greatest snowboards and with a history dating back to 1977, they’ve seen it all.

GNU is part of the Mervin Manufacturing brand as well, and all of their boards are hand-built in the USA and with the finest attention to detail.

The GNU Riders Choice is one of their latest releases but has already proven to be popular, and it’s a good all-rounder that suits everyone.

Their other boards all fit the bill of being a little unusual and they’re favorites among people who want a cool design on their board, as well as something that’s been expertly made.

#4: Salomon

Salomon snowboard brand

Unlike the others on our list, Salomon started as a skiing manufacturer and later moved into snowboards where they had a much better response.

The company was founded in 1995 and their prized product is their split board, which is what they’ve become famous for.

The split board does just as the name suggests, and splits into two or four parts so you can pack it away easily and keep spare parts on hand.

They’ve created a range of technologies and systems just for their gear which means you’re always getting the latest and greatest snowboard.

#5: Rome

Rome snowboarding brand

If you want a snowboarding brand with genuine roots in the sport, look no further than Rome.

Rome was created in 1985 when its founders were still in high school and developed a passion for snowboarding, and from there, they starting working on the brand.

Today, Rome creates products for all aspects of snowboarding, as well as a stellar lineup of boards. Their most popular snowboard is the Rome Artifact and this park board is constantly reimagined to keep up with what the riders of today want.

Better still, they’re experts at customer service, and are always happy to help you find your perfect fit.

#6: Bataleon

Bataleon snowboarding brand

Bataleon hasn’t been around as long as some of the others with just 17 years of experience, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a name for themselves.

This brand doesn’t just focus on snowboards though, as they also manufacture longboards and surfboards, so they’re committed to extreme sports.

The Bataleon brand creates its boards with patented 3D base geometries which have to do with how the board reacts to and moves with the user.

If you’re someone who wants the latest and greatest in boarding technology behind the gear that you use, you’ll be able to put your trust in Bataleon to deliver.

#7: Arbor

Arbor brand

Arbor is a snowboard brand that cares about the planet, and if you want to ensure your board is made of sustainable materials, they’re one of the best.

This company was created 20 years ago and all of their boards are made with the high level of craftsmanship that they’re known for, so you can always guarantee it’s going to be good.

The most popular Arbor snowboards utilize their Power Ply technology which makes use of bamboo and wood, and give you the best ride of your life.

With roots dating back to 1995 and a focus on both skateboards and snowboards, they’ve proven time and time again that they know what they’re doing.

#8: Rossignol

Snowboarding brand Rossignol

Arguably one of the oldest and most trusted names when it comes to snow sports, Rossignol is also one of our favorites just for snowboards.

They have over 100 years of experience with their inception in 1907, however, it wasn’t until 1987 when they tried their hand at making snowboards, and with great success.

Since then, they’ve been known for creating reliable snowboards time and time again, and one of their top sellers is the award-winning Rossignol XV.

This is the go-to board for riders looking for a directional board that’s suitable for big mountains, as well as something that can tackle the ice.

#9: K2

K2 snowboarding brand

K2 is another long-standing snowboard brand that was created in 1987 in Seattle.

K2 rose to fame when they created some of the first sets of fiberglass skis and they’ve managed to carry that ingenuity with them in whatever it is they do.

Today, their best-selling board is the K2 Raygun because it appeals to riders of all skill levels and is one of the boards you can use to do just about anything.

Although K2 is considered a premium brand in their own right, they’re also mid-range in price, and likely more accessible by the everyday rider compared to some of the other top names.

#10: Ride

Snowboard Brand

The Ride brand was created by expert snowboarders for other snowboarders, and they’ve been committed to innovating since 1992.

The Ride brand is all about sustainability and reducing their footprint, whether it’s their minimal packaging or biodegradable wax, they’re always looking for ways to do better for the planet.

Ride doesn’t just make snowboards but all other accessories and gear, so you can get the complete setup from them.

They use technology like their patented Membrain top sheets and die-cut bases so everything they do is outside of the box and with great results for boarders.

Related Question

Choosing the perfect snowboard is easier when you know some of the better quality brands, but it’s not all you have to think about in the buying process.

We’ve answered a few FAQs about snowboards that can lead you towards your next purchase to ensure you get the perfect fit.

What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

The four key areas you need to look at when choosing a snowboard are your height, weight and boot size, as well as your riding style.

Most manufacturers will have recommendations for their boards based on these factors so you can get one that’s better suited to your physical requirements.

What Are Snowboard Boots For?

A good pair of snowboard boots are essential for this winter sport as they help to protect your ankle without keeping the joint too stiff.

As the boots clip on or strap to the board, they need to be made for snowboarding specifically so you can get better control and a safer ride, and the board should be compatible with the boots as well.

What is a Snowboard Made Of?

Snowboards can be made of wood, plastic, steel, or fiberglass, and the materials and construction also vary depending on each part of the board.

The core is usually something lighter like wood with the base being made of polyethylene, known for its water resistance and strength.



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