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Best Ski Resorts For Mountain Biking

Ski resorts are the best option to escape from the city and enjoy the mountains’ coldness and calm.

However, ski resorts do not have snow all-year-round. When summer hits and snow is gone, some ski resorts open their doors and trails for mountain cyclists and hikers from all over the world.

These trails are excellent for beginners and experienced cyclists. You’ll find exciting downhill trails that will challenge your skills and endurance. All you need is your bike, and you are good to go.

In today’s guide, we’ll share with you the best ski resorts for mountain biking in North America and the Alps.

The Best Ski Resorts For Mountain Biking in North America

North America has some of the best ski resorts in the world. Some of these resorts open their hiking and mountain biking trails every summer.

Trestle Bike Park – Winter Park, Colorado

mountain biking in trestle park

Winter Park is a sight to behold during the most intense cold days. However, it is during summer that this towering mountain shows its biggest potential. Summer brings with it the biking trails’ opening, and these trails offer some of the most adrenaline-filled rides you’ve ever experienced.

This big-league mountain offers nearly 11,000 feet (3352 meters) of declines and inclines. If you love downhill mountain riding, then you’ll be happy to know that Winter Park offers some of the best downhill trails around the world. It is also by far the greatest one in the United States.

Most ski resorts provide one or a maximum of two lifts when they open during summer, but Winter Park is different. They offer three lifts working full-time from the beginning to the end of the summer biking season. Additionally, you can enjoy the nearly 50 runs that the mountain has to offer.

You will start feeling the competitive vibe the moment you step into the resort. Cyclists from all over the world congregate at the feet of the mountains. But don’t worry, if you are a beginner, locals and foreigners will be more than welcoming and can even share some tips with you.

If you don’t want to participate in the downhill trails, you can challenge your body with cross-country biking. Additionally, you can also witness the magnificence of Banana Peel, one of the most physically demanding and dangerous downhill trails in the world. Only experienced cyclists should take on this challenge.

If you want to be part of the Banana Peel challenge, you’ll need to sign some liability documents ensuring you are as good as you claim to be. Without the proper experience and skill, you won’t be able to go past the drop-in.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park – Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Whistler Mountain Park is a huge resort located on a towering mountain in Canada. This location requires at the very least a three days trip through the mountains. It might sound like a lot, but the reward is one of the most challenging and beautiful mountain biking trails you’ll be able to find.

Let us start with the must-do of this incredible mountain: the Top-of-the-World Trail at Peak Zone. This is a challenging and dangerous downhill trail that takes skill and endurance to complete.

If you believe you are ready for such a challenge, you could also try the A-line trail, which is infamous in the downhill cycling world. Although, we do recommend warming up on the less intimidating trails before trying this one.

Now, one additional thing you could try is the Nordic spa experience that most Canadian resorts offer. They can offer this because, unlike the USA mountains, Canada is cold most of the year, especially in the mountains. So, get rid of your toxins, challenge your body, and enjoy one of the most incredible biking mountain trails in the world.

Park City – Park City, Utah

Park City might be one of the biggest ski resorts in North America, and that’s because it merged with Canyons Village Resort a couple of years ago. This resort is located only 40 minutes away from Utah’s International Airport.

On the Park City side of the resort, you’ll be able to enjoy around 450 miles (724 km) of trails and backcountry. Using the express PayDay lift, you’ll be able to access downhill trails, cross-country trails, and so much more. We recommend hitting up the IMBA Epic Ride as early as possible to enjoy this magnificent trail fully.

On the other side of the resort, you’ll find some challenging cross-country trails perfect for cyclists that are not into the downhill experience.

Angel Fire Bike Park – Angel Fire, New Mexico

Opening Angel fire bike park

Angel Fire provides nearly 60 miles (96.5 km) of mountain trails, meaning it is one of the largest mountain trail systems in the entirety of the United States. This resort offers something for every taste, from downhill riders to cross-country and just people that want to chill during their vacations.

If you are looking for the best ski resort for mountain cyclists who have families with kids or teens, this is your best option.
Note: This mountain offers the best cross-country track out of all ski resorts in the world. So, check it out if cross-country is your thing.

Mont Sainte Anne – Beaupré, Quebec, Canada

Eastern Canada might not be what everyone imagines when thinking about the best mountains for skiing or cycling. However, Mont Sainte Anne should be part of your to-do list if you love mountain biking or hiking. This mountain, located just outside Quebec, is easy to access and offers a sight to behold.

The World Cup Trail or Le Coup du Monde is an incredible downhill ride that will challenge your body and mind. It requires the best possible biking skills to master, and it is located on one side of this tremendous mountain.

The Best Ski Resorts For Mountain Biking in the Alps

When you think about ski resorts, you probably think about the beauty of the Alps.

Like in North America, many ski resorts in the Alps open their biking and hiking trails for everyone to enjoy them.

Les Gets

Les Gets Mountain biking

This ski resort is the most popular destination among mountain cyclists in Europe. Here you’ll find professional downhill cyclists and families looking to escape from the stress and constant noise of big cities. Les Gets is open for cyclists of all levels and abilities, from beginners to experienced.

Les Gets will provide you with over 128 Km (79.5 miles) of backcountry sides and downhill trails. 14 downhill tracks for bikes of all ages and levels, an MTB lift just for you and your bike, jump parks, and cross-country trails are just some of the many features of this incredible resort.


Tignes resort is famous for its rocky mountains and wide-open trails. Among mountain resorts in the Alps, Tignes is the right place to go for everyone that enjoys bike-park-style trails. Here you’ll find the most beautiful natural trails and riding tracks, and the best part is that they are for free.

All you need is your “My Tignes” activity card, and you are set to enjoy over 93.2 miles (150 km) of track and trails. There are even five different lifts to take you and your bike to the top.

Alta Badia

alta badia

If you enjoy stunning views while experiencing excellent service, then Alta Badia is for you. Summer in Alta Badia means fresh air, good food, and challenging mountain biking trails for cyclists of all ages and levels. In this beautiful resort, you’ll find over 49.7 miles (80 km) of off-road tracks and trails.

The biking season in this resort lasts 300 days, so make sure to enjoy it whenever you can.

Tip: We recommend checking out the mountain biking trails on the Piz Sorega Plateau. Here, you’ll find trails and tracks for different levels, but its best feature is the almost nine-hour tour across the mountain.


Kitzbuhel offers over 497 miles(800 km)) of cycling trails with many different difficulties. Here you’ll find rides for beginners, intermediate cyclists, and the most experienced ones. Additionally, this resort offers many amazing natural single-tracks and high-quality lifts to take you to the top.

If you are feeling like doing some downhill riding, then we recommend the Ehrenbach Freeride. It’s a terrific descent beside the river that goes through the small forest, and that offers exciting natural jumps.



Verbier is the place to go if you love adrenaline and challenging downhill and enduro trails. You’ll find everything here to enjoy your mountain biking experience, from natural jumps in most circuits to an extensive network of biking tracks for the most experienced cyclists.

The challenges you should look up to do are the Tour Mont Fort and the Verbier E-Bike Festival. Both options are excellent depending on your level and skill, and they are a great way to test yourself.


Ski resorts might not be the first thing to consider when looking for the best mountain bike trails.

However, during the summer and spring seasons, you’ll find the most challenging trails and tracks for cyclists of all ages and levels in these beautiful locations.

Get your bike ready and enjoy the breathtaking sights, incredible food, and the most exciting natural tracks in the world.



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