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Ultimate Guide To Electric Mountain Bikes

An electric mountain bike gives you several advantages.

You move quicker across rough terrain, and you use a little less energy in the process that allows you to focus on your environment or the winning post. Get to know more about the electric mountain bike, the types available, and how far they can travel.

Learn what frame materials they’re made of, their weight, and how to take care of your electric mountain bike. Safety tips are critical when riding traditional mountain bikes. The same concept is applicable for electric ones.

You need to know how to protect yourself in some environments that can be hostile. But–you should have fun with your chosen sport, so inform yourself because knowledge will help protect you on the trail.

What is an electric mountain bike?

what is electric mountain bike

The electric mountain bike or e-MTB gives you an extra boost of power for tired thigh and calf muscles when traversing challenging mountain trails.

An e-MTB is like a traditional mountain bike, except that it has a motor. An electric mountain bike motor gets its power from a battery, which adds a little weight to the bike, offset by a little technological help with electric power riding.

When the mountain route gets more arduous than you can cope with, a motor helps you get over challenging terrain.

Many times, riders on traditional mountain bikes must get off their bikes to cover rough paths, but some e-MTBs can cope with this terrain type because of the motor. Even electric mountain bike fans must dismount at times and carry their bikes over dubious surfaces, but this is why these riders should only use designated off-road trails.

The true beauty of the electric mountain bike is that it offers a versatile ride. You must still invest pedaling effort to boost the motor power for a faster ride. It’s not as if you sit back and flip a switch and steer the bike. The motor only works when you’re pedaling. As soon as you stop pedaling, the motor has no effect.

Many mountain bike riders view the electric mountain bike as cheating–but this is simply not true. An e-MTB simply boosts your muscle power to propel you forward at a more rapid pace. Sure–this is an unfair advantage if you’re competing against someone on a traditional mountain bike, but e-MTB supporters prefer to play fair.

They just do it on their terms for a different experience. Put aside your doubts and try an e-MTB yourself before you knock it!

Types of electric mountain bikes

eMTB parts

If you’re into electric bikes for driving around fascinating mountain trails, delve into a world of options such as:

  • The Type 1 e-MTB has a motor that works when you apply pedal power.
  • Type 2 e-MTB, which comes with a motor that you control with a throttle.
  • Type 3 e-MTB, which uses pedal assist and can get you to a speed of up to 28 mph.

Electric mountain bikes come in a wide range of versatile styles. Enthusiasts can purchase e-MTBs to explore mountain paths, invest in an electric or cargo utility bike, a hybrid electric mountain bike, or go for a trusty commuter or casual cruiser bike.

You will also find electric folding bikes and even minivan substitute e-bikes. Of course, not all these styles are strictly electric mountain bikes, but they show how the e-MTB market has grown due to demand.

Whether you choose a comfortable e-MTB cruiser, a hybrid commuter, or an electric mountain bike, you will want to know how far it can take you.

Travel range

Your travel range with an electric mountain bike should be part of an important purchasing decision. First, decide how often you plan on riding mountain trails and the length of many of these trails. This is your starting point for getting a bike that meets your aspirations.

Next, you’ll want to figure out how the bike matches up to your riding style, terrain types that you will encounter, and other environmental considerations. You won’t necessarily have access to recharging points on remote mountain routes, so factor this into your e-bike needs.

Some bike enthusiasts tested the travel range of electric mountain bikes in fair conditions, using the Eco Mode. These same enthusiasts rode light without much baggage, only switching up levels on the rare occasion.

This is how far they were able to travel on a single battery charge, using an Electric Urban Road and Mountain bike:

  • A local town ride on mostly flat surfaces with lots of stops and starts, few hills, and no wind, a 400WH will travel at least 31 miles. A 500WH will take you approximately 38 miles.
  • An open road cycle at a stable pace using an electric mountain bike with a 400WH will take you about 50 miles. Using an e-bike with a 500WH battery in the same conditions will take you up to 62 miles.
  • Electric mountain bikes with more power can travel much further on cycle paths and country roads with elevations of 1,500 ft. When your e-bike has SyncDrive capabilities, up to 80Nm torque, and more significant support with five modes, you can reach up to 83 miles on one battery charge.

The type of electric mountain bike, its functionality, battery power, gears, and torque all play a role in the distance you can travel. Road conditions, weather, and cycling style are also considerations when calculating the distance your e-MTB will cover. Always play it safe by testing your e-bike with sufficient support to get you home safely.

Electric mountain bike frame materials

frame materials

Selecting a bike based on frame material is confusing. Most electric mountain bike frames are manufactured from carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, or steel. Which one should you choose? Which is best for your purposes, and what bike frame material lines up with your budget?

Bike price is not an indicator of the quality of the product, and neither is frame material (within reason). Each of the frame materials has benefits and disadvantages, making decisions quite difficult unless your bank balance allows you to go for a top e-MTB.

Aluminum bike frames are an excellent choice if you plan on-road racing. An electric mountain bike with a carbon fiber frame will be equally light but a little pricier. Titanium bike frames are the premium goal for anyone who wants to travel around the country or the world. Titanium bike frames are, however, among the most expensive purchases.

While titanium bike frames are lightweight and deliver a smooth ride, steel-frame bikes are more affordable but heavy. They typically are not as durable as the other bike frame materials.

You should purchase a mountain bike made from a frame material that suits your riding needs and budget. If your end game is to ride every day or every weekend, then the titanium frame offers longevity. If a titanium frame is not in your budget, then weigh the pros and cons of the other bike frames against usage levels. It’s pointless spending a fortune on an e-bike that you intend to use occasionally.

Electric mountain bike weight

An electric mountain bike is heavier than traditional bikes because of the battery and motor. Besides the frame material type, the power components add quite a bit of weight to the e-MTB. It is helpful to check bike models and frame materials before making a purchasing decision because the bike’s weight will influence your experience of the product.

Consider e-bike weights if you must carry your bike over rigorous terrain or carry it for long distances for some reason. Bike model weights differ vastly, but you can expect an electric mountain bike to weigh between 37 lbs. to 84 lbs. In contrast, mountain bikes without motors weigh from 21 lbs. to 29 lbs. This weight difference is quite extensive, so evaluate the pros and cons of your purchase against why you want a bike and how much you will use it.

When you start using an Electric Mountain Bike, one of the first things you notice is how heavy they are compared with a regular mountain bike. The weight of the motor and batteries is adding a lot. Of course, the weight differs a lot from model to model. Knowing the weight is essential if you need to transport your bike or take your bike upstairs.

Electric mountain bike maintenance

An electric mountain bike is an expensive piece of technology, so it is good to keep it in excellent condition.

You don’t want your bike to leave you in the lurch in an isolated location because of your negligence. It also just makes good sense to maintain something costly.

Maintaining your e-MTB is, fortunately, quite a hassle-free activity. You have several ways you can go about meeting maintenance needs for your bike.

1. Bike shop maintenance

Make a regular schedule with your local bike shop to maintain your e-MTB. Your bike seller may provide maintenance or refer you to a bike maintenance shop in your area.

Make sure that the bike shop is familiar with maintaining your bike brand. Take your bike for a service annually or twice a year if you’re a regular rider.

2. Take a bike maintenance course

Speak to your local seller or explore the internet to find an electric mountain bike maintenance course in your vicinity.

Learning how to fix your bike will save costs and a lot of hassle if you’re out biking and your bike breaks down. Speak to the seller or your local bike shop about putting a portable toolkit together to fix your bike.

3. Follow battery maintenance instructions

battery replacement

Charge your bike’s battery regularly and significantly before you plan to go on a trail.

Ensure that you conserve power as you pedal to get the most out of your electric mountain bike, especially when courses are incredibly challenging. If you’re unsure of the distance your bike can travel, power conservation will be particularly vital.

4. Important maintenance issues

The most critical e-MTB considerations include the tires, brakes, and chain. Keep a watchful eye on the condition of tires and brakes, and grease, and clean your chain correctly to promote longevity and a problem-free ride.

Replace the belt drive system regularly if your bike doesn’t have a chain. Always do maintenance before going out on the road or a mountain route, and always ensure you take your toolkit along to fix problems on the go, if necessary.

Luckily, there is no need for you to worry about your electric mountain bike’s motor as this part does not need maintenance. If the motor packs up or gives problems, it is time to replace this unit.

Electric mountain Safety tips

eMTB safety tips

Follow a few essential safety tips and rules when riding your electric mountain bike to safeguard your wellbeing and that of other riders.

  • Always wear a safety helmet when riding your e-MTB.
  • Your bike should come with lights, a hooter, warning signals, and straps. If the manufacturer has not equipped your e-bike with these features, install them. Use your lights at night and your warning signals as needed. Use your horn to warn others of your presence. Use the straps to secure necessities and prevent being a danger to others if items come loose and scatter over the road.
  • Always stay in the proper lane to avoid accidents and injury to yourself or others.
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged before setting off on a trail as it may run out of power, and there won’t be a charging station nearby.
  • Ensure that your tires are in good condition to tackle the terrain on your route.

Observe these few safety tips for your sake and your fellow riders. It is always prudent to maintain your electric mountain bike like a car as it helps protect you and others on the road.


Choose the right electric mountain bike for your purposes. Determine its traveling distance and weight before making a purchase and whether the frame material and weight match your expectations.

Having an electric mountain bike gives you the freedom to explore the great outdoors while getting some healthy exercise. Use these privileges responsibly by choosing a bike to match your needs, maintaining it properly, and observing essential safety tips.



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